Would you go out without your mobile? It seems unlikely!

Nearly 75% of the global workforce has one and his digital life is built around it.

Sesame Technology addresses this consumer’s need and solves one of the hotel customer’s issues; waiting in a queue at the front desk to check-in or check-out.

Inspire by Hotel’s guest desire, Sesame offers keyless entry technology. With this advanced technology, services such as in room direct access or free will check-out are now possible.

The principle is simple: the customer, who wishes to receive a digital key or Mobile Key, downloads the hotel Mobile Key App’ on ios or android platform.

Within a secure environment, the client completes personal information in order to use the hotel Mobile Key.

Upon arrival, thanks to the Mobile Key App’ the customer is already checked in and informed of its room number, accesses directly to it and opens the door by clicking on its Smartphone.

Interact directly with your customer before/during/after its stay, the mandatory nature of the room key maximizes the visibility of your communication with your client.

Sesame contributes to value the hotel customer’s experience.

Remember “Key in my phone” the future is today!


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