Our partners

french american

Created in 1978, the French American Chamber of Commerce (FACCSF) has two major tasks:

– Serve the interests of the French-US economic and financial community in San Francisco

– Support the American and French companies in their trade relations.

Nonprofit organization, FACCSF organizes many events and networking programs in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Its members have the opportunity to meet high-level professionals and benefit from the exchange between French and American companies.

french tech hub

Based in San Francisco, New York and Boston, French Tech Hub accelerates the growth of innovative French companies in the United States.

bpi france

With all of our regional, national and international partners, we can secure your international development project, facilitate the process and offer you the most suitable financing for your needs.

chr ha

Founded in 2006 by a hotelier, CHR-HA is the only independent procurement center on the French hospitality market and has 1400 hotel members. Combined with a recognized medical and social procurement center (AMI2) it negotiates over 100 million euros of purchases per year. The company has more than 15 employees.