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Installer les Platines Sesame sur tous types de portes

You want access to your building in complete autonomy, you are looking to combine access management and ease of use for your Customers, Members or Residents.

The Sesame Platine allows you to manage all types of access via a QR code digital key. The user path is extremely fluid, the digital access key is the same whether it is to open the main door, an office or a bedroom and locker n°10.

QR code technology is known to all, it does not require downloading or connectivity.

A single QR Code for all your accesses

  • Your Hotels
  • Your car / motorbike / bicycle parks
  • Your Offices / Coworking spaces
  • Your Elevators
  • Your Buildings
  • Your lockers, mailboxes, luggage lockers
  • Your Sports Centers
  • Your Automatons; fridge, beverage dispenser

Consult the traceability of openings remotely and in real time and centrally on the Sesame platform.

Offer keys in encoded card, badge and bracelet or digital QR Code and DATA formats, all without downloading a mobile application!

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